DRSK Jaw™ is a jaw model which can be used as a holder for various DRSK tooth models. It contains built-in slots which receive DRSK tooth models wrapped in sleeves. A full set of DRSK Jaw is comprised of Maxillary and Mandibular jaws.

Each jaw consists of simulated bone and gum, artificial fixed teeth and slots for placing DRSK tooth models. DRSK tooth models are inserted into sleeves which hold them fixed inside the provided slot in the jaw model. After each use, the tooth model can be removed together with its sleeve, taken out of the sleeve and then replaced by a tooth model for a new practice. Some of DRSK tooth models come as unified with the sleeve. To replace these models, there is no need to separate them from their sleeves.

DRSK Jaw is designed to receive the following DRSK tooth models:
It can also be used for holding extracted teeth or other tooth models.

DRSK Jaw is compatible with commonly-used phantom heads. It can as well be customized and made compatible with any other phantom head. To do so, the information regarding the type of used phantom head needs to be communicated when ordering the jaw model.

DRSK Jaw is designed and made in Sweden.

DRSK Jaw Segment
DRSK Jaw Segment is an alternative holder for DRSK tooth. It consists of two teeth on each side of an opening which hosts a sleeve carrying the tooth model. DRSK Jaw Segment is available for various parts of the dental arch.

For more information on DRSK Jaw take a look at the online catalogue