3D Designing of dental components for Dental Teacher KaVo
DRSK has contributed to the upgrade of KaVo’s virtual teaching system, Dental Teacher, by designing pulp component for its existing virtual teeth. This allows a better assessment of students’ practice of tooth preparation by providing the additional index of proximity to the virtual pulp.
3D Designing of a virtually prepared tooth for Image Navigation
DRSK has designed a PFM crown preparation pattern which matches the specified tooth in the company’s virtual learning system. This design can be used as a guideline for students while practicing similar procedure.
3D Designing and manufacturing of special tooth models for Kerr
DRSK has designed and produced a customized endo tooth model to demonstrate Kerr’s proprietary irrigation system. The shape of the model as well as the diameter of the represented canal were adopted to the properties of this particular irrigation equipment. In result, the model is capable of fully demonstrating the function of this equipment.
3D Designing and manufacturing of a tooth model with a double-curved canal for Coltene
On the basis of the data provided in an academic paper by Dr. Antonis Chaniotis, DRSK has designed and produced a complex endo tooth model which comes with an apical root dilaceration and a canal with two curves in opposite directions. With the complexity of its internal anatomy, the model can be used in advanced post-graduate courses for enhancement of clinician’s skills in dealing with complicated cases.
3D Designing and manufacturing of complicated tooth models for a German University
DRSK was commissioned to design and produce endo models featuring variations and complexities beyond most common situations. Using the models broadens the preclinical experience of the students and challenges them to build up skills needed for treating more complicated cases.
3D designing and manufacturing tooth models for a research conducted in a Korean University
DRSK accomplished an assignment for designing and producing endo models used for an in vitro study of Weine type II canals, which involved use of apex locators to identify the merging point of two canals.
3D designing and manufacturing tooth models for a research conducted in an Italian University
DRSK designed and produced special endo models with canals enlarged to a specified width and taper. These fully transparent models were used for a study focused on visualizing activated irrigation.
3D designing and manufacturing tooth models for a research conducted in a Slovenian University
According to received information, DRSK designed and manufactured custom-made fully transparent endo models for an academic study. The aim of the study was to investigate fluid dynamics of irrigants in the root canal space which has been shaped to specified sizes.
3D Designing a complicated zygoma implant
DRSK designed a Zygoma implant for a patient with a considerable skeletal defect on the left side, extending around the orbit and to the zygomatic arch. On the basis of radiographic data and received instructions and using the data from the intact side, an implant was designed and adjusted to restore the lost facial contour.
3D Designing a three-piece mandibular prosthesis (with teeth)
DRSK designed an extremely customized mandible prosthesis for being used as a supporting structure following a graft surgery. The graft alone did not yield enough support for a prosthetic treatment, therefore an additional prosthesis was required. To accommodate anatomic restrictions, the prosthesis was designed in three sections which were connected during the surgical placement, forming a unified structure. In the prosthetic phase of the treatment, the middle piece was replaced by a prosthetic piece comprising artificial teeth.
DRSK QU!ZZ™ is a serious, multi-level game in form of a mobile and tablet application, aimed to help the dental students improve their dental knowledge while having fun. It employs the concept of interactivity in order to appeal to the young, techno-savvy generation. The game is intended to be both engaging in terms of entertainment value and useful in terms of dental knowledge. Satisfying both criteria would result in the accomplishment of the pedagogic mission informing this app. The questions in DRSK QU!ZZ™ are based on concepts and knowledge belonging to a whole range of dental courses.
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Digital Dentistry Course
DRSK designed and organized a course on digital dentistry for dental professionals. The main aim of the course was to offer to the participants an overview of new possibilities in dentistry afforded by incorporation of digital technology and educate them on how their daily practice can be enhanced by embracing these new solutions.