DRSK is an innovative and growing company located in the southern part of Sweden. The company is specialized in presenting innovatory solutions and services to the dental field by embracing the knowledge of cutting-edge digital technology. Combining skills of dental professionals and computer engineers, who work cooperatively in the same environment and are guided by expertise in digital dentistry, has led to our company's prominence in the present dental market.

An in-depth knowledge of dental science and awareness of the common requirements of dentistry empower DRSK to introduce new products and services. The company's competence in the area of digital technology ensures the quality and functionality of these products and services.

Over the past 10 years DRSK staff have been continually developing new innovative products in the dental sector and presenting them to the market. DRSK is ready to collaborate with different players in the dental sector, develop and offer customized solutions accordingly. The company is also willing to work collaboratively to identify clients’ needs and propose practical prescriptions. We are even open to discuss your own ideas about new projects and can work towards their realization.

To establish the bridge of understanding between dentistry and computer sciences.

To enhance the overall quality of dental services to benefit patients, dentists, trainees, institutes and every party involved.