Included here are links to the texts and articles which cite and acknowledge DRSK products:

Case report on Maxillofacial implants
The article published in Implants, International Magazine of Oral Implantology (Vol. 16, Issue 03/2015) describes a customized mandibular implant with a special three-segmented design. The challenges, designing solution and fabrication procedure are thoroughly discussed.

Case report on DRSK Anesthesia
This article published in Journal of Dental Education (January 2013, Vol. 77 no. 1) gives an overview of a study carried out on using DRSK anesthesia in a dental school for training dental students. Feedback from both the students and their instructors was recorded and summarized.

DRSK Anesthesia in a dental textbook
DRSK Anesthesia™ has been referenced in the second English edition of “Local Anesthesia in Dentistry” written by well-known figures of Dental Anesthesia in Europe, Dr. Jacques Baart, oral and maxillofacial surgeon and Dr. Henk Brand from Free University medical centre/ACTA, Amsterdam.

Case report

IMPLANTS 03/2015

3D Projects
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