DRSK RCT™ is an endo tooth model for practicing and demonstrating 'Root Canal Treatment'. It is 3D designed and equipped with pulp cavity and root canal(s) which are quite close in dimensions and shape to their natural counterparts. DRSK RCT™ comes in different shapes and variations, corresponding to various teeth in a natural permanent dentition. Every tooth model replicates its natural counterpart in both internal and external anatomy. DRSK RCT™ is suitable for practicing every stage of a root canal treatment.

Manufactured from material with physical properties comparable to a natural tooth, DRSK RCT™ model can be an excellent educational tool for the preclinical students around the globe to learn how to correctly perform root canal treatments, prior to practicing on actual patients.

DRSK RCT™ can also be used in demonstrating the endodontic rotary devices, endodontic materials and other endodontic products. There is a pre-accessed version of DRSK RCT™ which is best suited to this purpose. DRSK has the flexibility to design and modify DRSK RCT™ according to user’s requirements.

DRSK RCT™ is available in transparent or white material. The Regular models are available with white crowns and transparent roots. Larger sizes of DRSK RCT (2X, 3X and 4X) can as well be ordered for demonstration purposes.

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