DRSK develops software applications with exclusive use in dental field for various platforms. The collaboration of professionals from two different disciplines, dentistry and computer engineering, working co-operatively in the same environment allows us to design and develop high quality products for dental sector. DRSK has a prominent, dedicated, and experienced development team. The team pursues an important objective; to develop customized applications for dental professionals. DRSK has the ability to develop professional apps from preliminary ideas.

Desktop Applications
DRSK designs, develops and deploys desktop applications generated through the standard development platforms. Using our qualified dental and technical expertise, we are able to develop desktop applications in dental sector. By making complicated and tedious operations simpler, desktop applications help users synchronize important processes and streamline their operations in a proper, growth-enhancing manner.

Mobile/Tablet applications
DRSK development team designs and creates customized mobile/tablet applications for the dental sector. Our quick and affordable solutions enable clients to receive an engaging application that meets their needs. Our focus is for the applications to be user-friendly, fast, reliable and low on resource consumption. Our most recent app, DRSK QU!ZZ™, can give you a taste of our potentials.

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3D Projects
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