DRSK QU!ZZ™ is a serious, multi-level game in form of a mobile and tablet application, aimed to help the dental students improve their dental knowledge while having fun. It employs the concept of interactivity in order to appeal to the young, techno-savvy generation. The game is intended to be both engaging in terms of entertainment value and useful in terms of dental knowledge. Satisfying both criteria would result in the accomplishment of the pedagogic mission informing this app.

As an app, DRSK QU!ZZ™ is planned to be made available to dental undergraduate and dental-allied students, regardless of their geographical location. By introducing DRSK QU!ZZ™, we are hoping to integrate the process of learning into students’ leisure activities and help them make best use of their time. The questions in DRSK QU!ZZ™ are based on concepts and knowledge belonging to a whole range of dental courses.

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