DRSK can facilitate the process of maxillofacial surgeries to a great degree by designing patient specific surgical guides.The 3D printed guides closely conform to surgical plans while perfectly adapt to the patient’s bone surface around the area of surgery. In consequence the surgeon’s decisions can be precisely transferred and applied to the surgical site.

Prior to the surgical guides, a model of patient’s maxillofacial structure can be manufactured and sent over. This highly accurate model can assist the surgeon to rehearse the surgery and correspondingly do any adjustment to his plans.

The most remarkable advantages of using 3D printed surgical guides is enhanced precision and reduced operation time. Other benefits of using 3D printed surgical guides include: improved results, predictability, cost-effectiveness and shortened healing period.

Surgical guide/Implant package
In surgical cases that require insertion of a maxillofacial implant, surgical guides can be created together with the implants, based on the same set of 3D radiographic data from the patient.

For designing a surgical guide DRSK requires a CT-scan/CBCT which includes three-dimensional data. The file can be in .STL or DICOM format (.STL is preferred). Using DRSK CAD/CAM services for producing surgical guides normally involves following steps:

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