Based on the patient’s 3D radiographic data (CT-scan/CBCT), DRSK designs and manufactures custom-fit surgical guides for dental implant surgeries.

Implant surgical guides produced in this manner are highly precise and surpass in accuracy the guides manufactured by other techniques. Using 3D designed and produced implant guides results in a less invasive and shorter surgical session and allows the surgeon to do the drillings with more control and confidence.

For designing a dental implant guide, DRSK requires a CT-scan/CBCT which includes three-dimensional data. Besides, the 3D for the soft tissues should be sent over as well (see ‘Soft tissue data registration’ section below) The file can be in .STL or DICOM format (.STL is preferred). Using DRSK CAD/CAM services for producing dental implants guides normally involves following steps:

Soft tissue data registration:
Depending on the dental status of the patients, one of the following methods should be pursued to 3D register their soft tissues.

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